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  • Located On Ground Floor
  • Nearest Parking P2
  • +971 44190718
  • Opening Hours : 10:00 A.M – 10:00 P.M
Opening Hours : 10:00 A.M – 10:00 P.M

Wallis, founded as a small boutique in London fashionable Islington in 1923 now boasts 134 UK solus stores, 126 Wallis concession outlets and 66 international stores. The success of the brand is owed to a strong belief in the distinctive Wallis signature style.

An in-house design team was formed in 1950 and today Wallis is still dedicated to producing their own designs from a team of five, who create 10 looks per season. This design-led approach allows for a unique interpretation of emerging trends and enhances the Wallis belief of distinctive dressing.

The attitude towards women’s UK high street fashion was updated when Wallis’ new design stores opened nationwide. Supporting advertising campaigns from the brand featured supermodel Linda Evangelista that appeared in Vogue and Marie Claire, doubled the impact of this new look and introduced Wallis the new audiences.

Wallis strives to be seen as the "deliberately different" women's high street fashion brand. Wallis has its own interpretation of emerging trends and it is seen as a distinctive signature on the garments we sell. Our design-led approach allows for the individuality that sets us apart from our competitors. Wallis understands their customers and their design reflect this, and also provides a "must-have" wardrobe for each season.


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