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Nine new trendy cafés and restaurants to look out for at City Centre Mirdif this year


As the culinary scene becomes an integral part of how millennials and young families socialise in Dubai, City Centre Mirdif is expanding its F&B offerings this year with out-of-the-box food experiences, a vast selection of healthy and tasty options, and plenty of instagrammable moments. 

Since the start of the year, the mall has added exciting dining concepts and homegrown cafés including Sukkar, Bosporus, So Tea, Parker’s, Guylian Belgian Chocolate Café and Switch. Now diners at City Centre Mirdif can also look forward to local foodie favourites CUPAGAHWA and Logma later this year.   

“Young diners and families are looking for something new and different every time they eat out. They like trying new flavours, want to support unique homegrown concepts and enjoy eating at restaurants where they can socialise and make memories. We are thrilled to offer our customers a seamless journey whereby they come to the Mall to enjoy experiences, thereby creating a pace to great moments for everyone, every day,” Mohamed Al Jasmi, Senior Mall Manager for City Centre Mirdif.

Satisfy your dessert cravings at Guylian Belgian Chocolate Café
This is the perfect café to indulge your passion for the finest Belgian chocolates, exquisite cakes and decadent desserts. A global brand, the menu showcases a selection of sweet and savoury options, from Belgian baguettes and waffles to the signature chocolate desserts, tarts and slices. You can also select from a range of handcrafted chocolates and truffles for special occasions. 

Feast your eyes and delight your taste buds at So Tea café 
This warm and floral-themed homegrown café opened at City Centre Mirdif. So Tea offers an extensive tea menu, creative signature bakes and savoury specialties with an Emirati and Japanese twist. The café has already become an Instagram sensation with its innovative ‘Floating Tea’, a layered Turkish tea that “floats on water” when it is poured. Let the experienced teaologists suggest a suitable breakfast pairing with your tea or select from among a variety of creative dishes, such as the Japanese rolled omelette with the signature carrot labneh or avocado toast with a beetroot labneh.  

Travel to Turkey with Bosporus
For visitors looking to enjoy authentic Turkish cuisine and hospitality, Bosporus does an amazing job at replicating the true flavours of Turkey with excellent service. The menu boasts all the traditional favourites, including donars, pilav and kebabs. Or start the day with the all-day Sultan Breakfast with a frothy Turkish coffee or traditional Turkish tea 

Pair Khaleeji desserts with spicy karak at Sukkar
Set to open its doors later this year, Sukkar serves a feast of modern Khaleeji and Emirati sweets. With Lugaimat (Arabic dumplings) boasting unique flavours and toppings, and other popular desserts like cheesecakes, milk cakes, puffs, cookies, brownies and speciality shakes, your dessert options are limitless. Pair the desserts with a spicy karak to enhance the Arabic flavours. 

Celebrate timeless spaces inspired by neighbourhood parks at Parker’s Café
Parker’s experimental menu features favourites such as Choco coffee sliders, white truffle pasta, and mac & cheese Cheetos. The comfort food with a contemporary flair will leave you with childhood nostalgia. Parker’s offers an eclectic selection of street food with burgers, fries, pastas, salads and more on the menu.  

Enjoy modern Emirati cuisine at Logma 
Savour Khaleeji cuisine and enjoy the country’s rich heritage with friends and family at Logma. Logma’s charming ambiance embodies Dubai’s successful marriage of tradition and modernity. Opening in August, Logma will offer plenty of delicious culinary treasures, such as lentil soup, zaatar, falafel and shawarma, paratha, khameer, and a huge selection of rice dishes. Logma’s sweet and savoury dishes are fresh out of the oven every day to treat diners to an Emirati culinary experience.   

Grab a specialty coffee with friends at CUPAGAHWA
This international café chain that features local Arabic flavours will open its doors this July.  CUPAGAHWA will offer premium quality coffee, tea and coco beverages paired with an assortment of savoury, healthy meals and desserts. It’s an ideal neighbourhood meeting spot for a catch-up with friends or for a casual business meeting. 

Try fusion cuisine at Switch 
Switch swerves up flavourful, trendy recipes in a vibrant, lively and sophisticated atmosphere. With the goal of changing dining standards and creating an environment where dining is an experience, this chic restaurant will bring an innovative menu of classic favourites with a contemporary twist created by international chefs. Brace yourselves for an exciting culinary experience and plenty of photogenic dishes to feast your eyes soon.