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October 2017

Saturday night (or any night!) at the movies

Grab your popcorn and book your tickets - Vox cinema’s latest movies are going to be a sell-out…

After a long, hot summer – the blockbusters are back! And while some of the films may look familiar (with a sequel and a remake sharing top billing) we can promise a whole new slice of the action.
Old-fashioned cinema sign
Blade Runner 2049

Picking up thirty years after the first film, a new blade runner LAPD officer K (Ryan Gosling) uncovers a deep secret that has the potential to plunge what’s left of society into utter chaos. Driven by his desire to save humanity, the naïve rookie begins a quest to track down former LAPD blade runner (Harrison Ford in fighting form) the man who he believes can help him save society. The only problem – he’s been missing for thirty years.

Release date: 5th October
Blade Runner 2049

One of the most controversial films of the season, Mother! unites Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence with Bond baddie Javier Bardem in a tense psychological thriller about the unravelling of a couple’s relationship. On one level the story is simple – a woman renovating her home while her partner writes a book finds their tranquil existence threatened by the arrival of uninvited visitors. But as their relationship unravels into a harrowing tale of twisted devotion and sacrifice, critics have chosen to interpret the film as a commentary on anything from relationships to climate change. You will either love it or hate it, but you should definitely see it.

Release date: 19th October
 Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem in Mother!

Thor: Ragnarok

Chris Hemsworth is back in swashbuckling form but this time around, he’s lost his hammer (and his hair). Following the events of the previous film, Thor finds himself imprisoned on the other side of the universe. Escaping proves to the be the least of his problems though – once he’s free, the mighty mountain of muscle has to engage in a gladiatorial contest against his former ally and fellow Avenger - The Incredible Hulk - in order to take on arch villain Hela and save his homeworld from destruction.

Release date: 2nd November
Thor star Chris Hemsworth

October 2017

5 Unique Experiences To Try In Dubai This Weekend

Try something new on your day off by giving these fun-filled activities a go.


The best ways to spend your weekend in Dubai


As the weekends come and go it is easy to be stuck in a rut doing the same routine repeatedly.

We may add a little variety to your well-deserved day off and switch things up by trying out a new activity.

While the options are endless, we’ve narrowed it down to the ultimate things to do in Dubai – scroll down below to see our list.


Located within City Centre Mirdif, this gravity-defying experience takes fun to all new heights. A guaranteed good time, iFly Dubai is the world's first double vertical wind tunnel and allows visitors to soar up into the air within the 10-meter tall acrylic glass walls.

The state-of-the-art technology is completely safe and will accommodate all types of flyers, from beginners to seasoned professionals, while qualified instructors are on hand to provide the ultimate flight enjoyment.
Try the incredible iFly Dubai experience at City Centre Mirdif Dubai

 Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai in Mall of the Emirates

One of the top places to visit is Ski Dubai, a true winter wonderland (in the heart of the desert) with 22,500 square meters of snow-covered terrain and 5 slopes of varying difficulty for skiers and snowboarders. The Dubai snow park also offers ski and snowboard lessons for all levels, from discovery to competition level.  

Whether you want to simply slide around in the -4 degrees snow, play with the Ski Dubai penguins or try your hand at one of the many entertainment options, which include bobsledding, tubing, tobogganing, climbing walls, zorbing, snow bumpers and much more, Ski Dubai has it all.

Ski Dubai is located in Mall of the Emirates.



Mall of the Emirates is also home to the Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre (DUCTAC). With a 543-seat theatre, a black box studio theatre, dance and rehearsal studios plus 18 art studios, workshops, and classrooms, this creative district and theatre is the ideal spot for art lovers during a day off.

There are options available for all age ranges (from kids to adults classes), get your creative juices flowing and sign up now.


Magic Planet

Bumper car fun at Magic Planet across Dubai

Aimed at younger ages (and the inner child in all of us), Magic Planet Dubai is an entertainment area jam-packed with games, rides, and attractions. The fun adventure zone houses individual game and challenges for all, including bumper cars, ten-pin bowling alleys, and so much more.

You will also discover a range of arcade and online games for teens, while little ones play on the large soft-adventure play areas.

There are plenty of food and refreshment spots placed alongside the action to allow parents a little R&R while the kiddies play to their heart’s content.

Magic Planet Dubai is located in Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Sharjah, City Centre Ajman, City Centre Fujairah, City Centre Deira, City Centre Mirdif, City Centre Me’aisem, and City Centre Al Shindagha.

October 2017

Movie Night: The Anticipated Blockbuster Films to Watch in the Cinema This Month

You will not want to miss these hotly anticipated films on in the cinema this month.


The best films to watch at the cinema


There’s a whole host of action-packed new flicks to enjoy at VOX Cinemas.

VOX Cinemas has numerous locations within the City Centres across the Middle East, including the largest cinema in the region at Mall of the Emirates. One of the best places to visit in Dubai, it also boats the UAE’s first IMAX laser screen plus a VOX 4DX auditorium and The ThEATre by Rhodes – a luxurious experience with plush reclining seats, first class service, and gourmet cuisine created by famous chef Gary Rhodes. Each dish will be cooked fresh and delivered straight to your seat to enjoy while you watch.

Scroll down below to see our pick of the top three must-watch movies…



 The scariest film you will watch this year

A seriously creepy remake of the classic horror film, Stephen King’s IT tells the terrifying tale of a corrupt clown (played by the talented Bill Skarsgård) as he hunts a group of kids. The movie smashed industry records with the third largest opening weekend of 2017. However, be warned, you’ll need a manicure post movie if you are a nervous nail biter – it is certainly a tense watch.


The Hitman's Bodyguard


The best action and comedy film to watch


With an all-star cast including Salma Hayek, Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L Jackson, and Gary Oldman, this action/comedy follows a top protection agent who must guard his mortal enemy, the world's most notorious hitman. Expect plenty of explosions, fight scenes and even a few laughs along the way.


The Beguiled


The Beguiled, a film about dangerous rivalries by director Sofia Coppola


The long-awaited new film from director Sofia Coppola (of Marie Antoinette and The Bling Ring fame) has finally hit the big screen. Starring Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, and Elle Fanning, The Beguiled tells a tale of jealousy, betrayal, and revenge as a group of students take in a wounded Union soldier (played by Colin Farrell) during the American Civil War.

Visit VOX Cinemas at Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Ajman, City Centre Fujairah, City Centre Deira, City Centre Mirdif, City Centre Muscat, City Centre Qurum, City Centre Beirut, City Centre Al Shindagha, and Mall of Egypt.

August 2017

Eid Al-Adha 2017: Celebrate In Style

Everything you need to know about the Islamic holiday and what to wear to ring in the festivities with your family

What to wear for Eid Al-Adha 2017 in Dubai

An important date in the Muslim calendar and expected to take place in the early days of September (depending on the moon), Eid Al-Adha is an Islamic festival celebrated worldwide. Otherwise known as the ‘Feast of Sacrifice’, the celebration will see many of the UAE’s residents enjoy a three-day holiday to mark the holy occasion.

A special time of both family and religious devotion, Eid Al-Adha brings with it a host of celebratory events where loved ones feast and share gifts with one another.

Here we reveal the ultimate Eid gifts to buy from the Dubai shopping malls and the stylish shopping picks to celebrate the occasion in fashionable form.


Eid Gifts available at Dubai Shopping Malls

Moresque Alandalus Candle available at Paris Gallery, visit City Centre Bahrain and City Centre Fujairah

With rich notes of saffron, ginger and oud, this decadent candle is sure to be a well-received gift across the board.

Satin gown by Rochas available at Boutique 1 in Mall of the Emirates

Satin gown by Rochas available at Boutique 1, visit Mall of the Emirates

This dress is made for feasting, thanks to the ever so clever drop-waist silhouette. We love the shimmering sequinned bodice and satin finish for glamorous after-hours occasions during Eid.

Embroidered skirt available at H&M

Embroidered skirt available at H&M

A vibrant cherry red maxi skirt that ticks all the right boxes – modest, bright and bang on trend with the floral embroidered overlay. For maximum impact, team with an equally bright blouse and statement soles.

October 2016

Experience the Magic of 4D Cinema

The next in futuristic entertainment, 4D cinema is much more than just an improvement over 3D cinema technology. 4D cinema makes the cinematic experience even more realistic by simulating real world physical effects and conditions. Effectively, viewers are subject to natural phenomena like rain, lightning, motion, wind, fog and scents, as and when they are happening on the screen.

4D cinema equipment is custom-built into the theatre and is therefore available only at a few locations. We have explored the theatre with the best 4D-enabled movie experience.

VOX Cinemas
VOX Cinemas is one of the largest and most innovative movie theatre chains in the Middle East. At its location at City Centre Mirdif, VOX Cinemas operates a 10-screen complex that offers some of the best in cinematic entertainment.

The complex includes two VOX GOLD cinemas. Customers at VOX GOLD have access to an exclusive VOX GOLD lounge, high-quality screens with crystal clear image quality and reclining seats that offer them a uniquely luxurious, comfortable and enjoyable movie-watching experience.

And if you’re one to snack during movies, VOX GOLD gives you access to an extensive gourmet menu and an in-cinema waiter service that you can avail using call buttons on the seats. All this is in addition to the wide selection of yummy cinema snacks and beverages available at the common refreshment counter at the VOX complex.

The complex is also home to one of the most immersive 4D cinema experiences in the region. VOX Cinemas employs the exclusive 4DX technology from South Korea. Using spacious motion seats, scents, strobe lights and water effects, 4DX allows the viewer to go beyond just watching a movie, and actually live it.

So, if you’re in Dubai with your friends or family, and thinking of watching a movie, pick up a ticket for a 4D movie at VOX Cinemas, for acinematic experience unlike any other.

October 2016

Fun Things to do in Dubai with Kids

There is never a dull weekend in this city – Dubai is constantly brimming with activities, fun, and entertainment for everyone. Families with kids are quite spoilt for choice because it has world-class, safe and secure centres for pampering children.

To help you with your plans for this weekend, we’ve drawn up a list of select destinations located at Magic Planet Dubai in City Centre Mirdif. Read on to discover some of the best activities for kids in Dubai, then head over and have an absolute riot with your family.

Little Explorers
Winner of Time Out Kids Dubai’s “Best Edutainment Centre in Dubai” award for two years in a row, Little Explorers Dubai is a unique edutainment arena that provides an immersive learning experience for children from the ages of two till seven. The focus of Little Explorers is on learning through play using five themed zones - ‘I Discover Myself,' ‘I Can Do,' ‘I Locate Myself,' ‘I Experiment', and ‘All Together’ – with ninety-seven different exhibits. 

A select team of artists, designers, educators, and child psychologists designed each zone to help kids flex their bodies and minds. They are staffed by trained animators with a minimum of two years kindergarten teaching experience.

Little Explorers also offers special workshops for kids along with school packages customised to individual groups.
But that’s not all! Magic Planet also has:

The Sky Trail
Get your adrenaline fix at Sky Trail in City Centre Mirdif. Not your average obstacle course, Sky Trail hangs along the ceiling of the mall at a heart-pounding 13 meters off the ground.
There are two ways to reach the Sky Trail - access it directly through the auto belay system, or climb the challenging 8-metre wall adjacent to it. Although solidly secured with safety equipment, it still pushes your mental and physical abilities to the limit.

Sky Trail is an ideal indoor exercise for those wanting to keep fit whatever the weather. It's also a great place for some exciting family fun with your older kids and teenagers.

iFly Dubai
iFly Dubai is an indoor skydiving experience that turns controlled human flight into a reality for everyone. It has a 10-meter tall wind tunnel with an acrylic glass wall, and its patented technology ensures a high degree of safety for kids, teens, and adults, as well as every type of flyer from beginners to pros. iFly’s qualified instructors ensure that you and your children experience the thrills of flight in a controlled environment, and provide you with the right amount of air flow for maximum enjoyment.

Point to note: Flyers below the age of eighteen must have signed permission from a parent or guardian.

If your child wants to swim like a fish instead of fly like a bird, Aquaplay Dubai provides just the right kind of watery environment.

Aquaplay centers on marine themes of sandy beaches and palm trees with a fresh blue and beige colour scheme. Ropes, rigging, and the conceptual atmosphere lend a distinctly nautical feel, complemented by a colourful cast of characters called the 'Aquapals,' led by Captain Splash. Major attractions include a two-ramp indoor flume ride, a tug boat swing ship, and a dedicated pool for 12 bumper boats. What a way to bring your pirate fancies to life!
Happy kids mean happy parents. Take off with your little ones and enjoy the time of your life at these destinations.

October 2016

Bowling in Dubai - The perfect Group Stress Buster

Bowling is an old sport – it’s been around for four thousand years. But most people view bowling as recreation rather than exercise, so they aren't aware that it has some surprising physical and psychological benefits.

A game of bowling doesn’t make you all sweaty and tired like an intense cardio session. It's the perfect gateway exercise for those who want to move from a sedentary lifestyle to a more active state. Added up with the fact that it's easy to learn, has no age restrictions, and helps your social life, bowling is a great way to bond with your friends and family.

You might've been bowling in Dubai before, but there's no experience quite like the one you get at Yalla! Bowling Lanes and Lounge. This state-of-the-art bowling centre is one of the main attractions of Majid Al Futtaim’s Magic Planetand is on the first level within City Centre Mirdif.

Along with quirky wall art, the lounge features 12 cutting edge 10-pin bowling lanes with advanced video simulation. It’s a good outlet to vent your competitive streak (and residual stress) by knocking down as many pins as possible – Yalla! is equipped with top-of-the-range equipment to keep accurate track of scores.

If bowling is not your thing, Yalla! has a gaming zone with an incredible range of the latest video games, where you can immerse yourself in cutting-edge play and enchanting virtual worlds. But if you prefer something a little more old-school, you can head over to the pool tables to relax and unwind.

When all that bowling has made you hungry, take a trip to one of the food and refreshment places in the mall for a meal of your choice. The nearest eatery to Yalla! is Chili’s – their chicken crispers and molten chocolate cake are super-delicious and highly recommended.

No matter the weather, bowling is the perfect activity for everyone and everything - kids, adults, relaxation after a day at work, unwinding after shopping, a date spot, a place to hang out with classmates, entertainment and enjoyment with family, etc. Nothing sparks bonding like some friendly competition, and Yalla! is a destination that includes enthusiastic amateurs, experienced pros, families, friends, and school groups, all in one place. With its high-end equipment and fresh look and feel, Yalla! Bowling is set to create new standards for the bowling experience in Dubai.

April 2016

A fun weekend with Kids

You can never run out of things to do in the city of Dubai. When it comes to planning a weekend with your kids, Dubai has a lot of interesting options to offer. Today, we explore the fun side of Dubai.








Let young minds explore

Are the walls and floors of your home decorated with the works of an artist in the making?  Then it’s time to search for a creative outlet. Little Explorers, located at Level 1 of City Centre Mirdif, is an expertly designed interactive entertaining learning experience that your little ones will love.  With themed zones and educational arenas, Little Explorers is put together by a special team of designers, educationalists and child psychologists. Their activities promote specific and targeted exercises for their little bodies and minds and encourage cognitive learning. 


A place to “chillax”

Magic Planet is Dubai’s official address for chilling and relaxing with your kids. While you lounge on one of the plush chairs, your kids can have a go at the many fun rides. From video games designed to sharpen their cognitive skills to thrilling rides for your hyperactive ones, Magic Planet Dubai will surely leave your little ones happy at the end of the day. Check out Dubai’s largest indoor family entertainment centre at City Centre Mirdif.


Diving Through the Skies

Do your kids dream of flying? Well, don’t let their lack of wings stop them. iFly is Dubai’s first indoor skydiving experience. Located at Level 1 of City Centre Mirdif, it offers your kids the thrilling experience of flying through the air, all in a perfectly safe environment.


Catch a 4D cinema

Take your kids to a 4D cinema experience at VOX 4DX at City Centre Mirdif, Dubai. This is one cinematic experience that your children will enjoy. With motion seats and specials effects like rain, fog, wind, water, lightning & scents, movie experiences in Dubai doesn’t get better than this.


There’s more fun to be had at Magic Planet - Sky trail, an obstacle course that’s hangs along the mall’s ceiling. This is fun with a difference and puts one’s physical and mental ability to the test. Check out Yalla Bowling with its fresh new take on the bowling experience.  

Now that you know exactly where to take them, let the weekend fun begin!




April 2016

Its playtime in Dubai

City Centre Mirdif is home to some of Dubai's most premium international brands.  From Michael Kors to Pottery Barn Dubai, the mall is your one stop shop for anything and everything. But shopping with your kids in tow can end up being a tiring chore at times.  This is why City Centre Mirdif has several options for indoor games and thrill rides to keep your little ones entertained while you shop your way around.  On your next shopping trip, if little hands start tugging you in the opposite direction, we suggest you take a detour to the following destinations.




iFly Dubai

Your kids dream of flying like Superman?  iFly is Dubai’s first indoor skydiving experience.  Let your kids spread their wings and soar on high in a perfectly safe environment at iFly Dubai. Explore the rush and joy of skydiving with your kids, right here at City Centre Mirdif.


Little Explorers Dubai

Like the vice versa, all fun and no learning can also make your kids dull.  How about a little learning while they’re having fun?  Designed by an expert team of child psychologists, artists and educationalists in Dubai, Little Explorers, located at Level 1 of City Centre Mirdif, is all about letting your kids explore their true talents, while they’re having fun.  With specific zones corresponding to different themes, Little Explorers is truly an enjoyable learning experience. Watch your little geniuses learn and develop their cognitive abilities while you indulge in guilt-free shopping.


Yalla! Bowling Centre

With more than 465 stores selling you almost everything imaginable, shopping at City Centre Mirdif can be a little overwhelming.  Head over to Yalla! Bowling Centre at Level 1 of City Centre Mirdif;  with the finest bowling alleys, state-of-the-art technologies for keeping scores and an amazing collection of the latest video games, Yalla! Bowling Centre is the absolute best place for bowling in Dubai.


Magic Planet and VOX Cinemas also provide great entertainment for the kids. Now that you know where to go, you no longer to worry about where to drop your kids when you’re out on your next shopping trip, get out and head over to City Centre Mirdif.

December 2013

Extreme Holiday Cheer

Dubai shopping malls managed by Majid Al Futtaim Properties, City Centre Deira, Mall of the Emirates and Mirdif City Centre, are all set to show their seasonal best this merry month. New décor and embellishments that exude a jolly feeling has transformed the malls into a festive winter wonderland.

Fun activities are scheduled for the entire family including Santa Claus taking souvenir photos and giving out stocking-shaped goody bags to kids at City Centre Deira; the annual Stollen charity cake sale on December 7th, meet and greet with Santa on December 13th and weekend family entertainment at Mall of the Emirates; and amazing magic tricks and illusions at a spectacular illusions show on December 19-25 at Mirdif City Centre.

November 2013

UAE National Day Celebrations

There is an added element of anticipation, excitement and devout national pride as 42nd UAE National Day draws near and thenation counts down towards the Expo 2020 announcement. Adding to the air of festivity, City Centre Deira and Mirdif City Centre have already started the celebrations with a variety of family-friendly activities to showcase the UAE’s heritage and culture, in addition to building momentum for a weekend full of nationwide celebrations.

“UAE National Day is a time to reflect upon the great achievements of the nation, and Deira and Mirdif City Centre have joined hands to showcase the traditions, culture and heritage of the UAE in addition to spreading national pride amongst visitors,” said Fuad Sharaf, Senior Director – Property Development, Shopping Malls for Majid Al Futtaim Properties. “Our celebrations have already started, so we invite the community to come and embrace the Spirit of the Nation.”

From Wednesday November 27th -Tuesday December 3rd, Deira and Mirdif City Centre including all Guest Services teams will be adorned with the colours of the national flag, with UAE scarves, pins, flags, banners and glittering curtains of lights on display across the mall. Spreading the spirit, flags and prayer beads will be given away to all visitors.

Shoppers at City Centre Deira will also be able to enjoy a program of traditional and cultural entertainment including Emirati dance performances, traditional music bands will create a lively atmosphere throughout the extended celebrations.

Deira and Mirdif City Centre will also be hosting a UAE National Day drawing competition titled “Pride of the UAE” for children onsite the malls. Encouraging kids to share what they love about the UAE, all artworks will then be posted onto the malls’ social media pages for voting and the chance to win Gifts.

For more information about UAE National Day celebrations at City Centre Deira and Mirdif City Centre, please visit: and

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