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Dhamani Jewels

Unparalleled in their beauty and revered as the rarest gem, diamonds have been adorned since the beginning of civilization, making them a priceless possession transcending the centuries. A quality of excellence, Dhamani understands the intrinsic value and cultural importance of jewellery in the world today.

Since 1969, Dhamani is engaged in fine jewellery manufacturing facilities and a multitude of exclusive retail outlets operate in numerous countries around the world. Dhamani holds certification through the Dubai Municipality, for ‘Good Jewellery Practice ‘ under the certification scheme ‘Bareeq’.

DMCC Government of Dubai has awarded Dhamani the exclusive right to market the limited edition, exquisite Dubai Cut diamond. A commodity that has fascinated mankind since ancient times and that has always held a special place in the fabric of Human culture, Dhamani continues to deliver the finest quality of jewels set in world class designs. Come and explore the elegance....

First Floor, Shop # 540
Email [email protected] or visit www.dhamani.com.

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