Jewellery & Watches

Beautiful jewelry and watches are available at an assortment of stores to help you find the perfect accessory piece. Accessories are designed especially for both men and women and can be shopped for at a range of price points, giving something special for everyone.

  • Agatha


    Agatha is a French fashion jewellery brand. Agatha was founded by Michel Quiniou who was inspired to create a brand of fashion jewellery that bridged the gap between luxury boutiques and non-descript lackluster chain boutiques. In 1974, he launched his line of fashion jewelry with an unusual goal in mind: to transform cheap into chic. The first Agatha boutique opened in 1976 at rue de Rennes in Paris. It has a vast glamorous collection which includes earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, jewellery watches, as well as the unlimited collection of dazzling charms.

    With Agatha, women can play at being another version of themselves, or someone completely different, skipping mischievously from one to the other. All that Agatha women have in common is their refreshing cheerfulness, firmly rooted in the spirit of this impulsive, spontaneous brand. Agatha is a very affectionate brand that cannot be defined by a single style or image, but by all styles and all images. It is a brand with not just one but many faces, the faces of all women. Currently present all over the world, Agatha has around 300 outlets located in 20 different countries, including the UAE.

  • Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons

    Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons

    Established in 1950, Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons is a family owned and run business synonymous with exquisitely designed watches. From its humble beginnings as a single store in Souk Bur Dubai, Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons has thrived to become the largest retailer of Swiss Brand watches in the Middle East, boasting a portfolio of over 50 prestigious brands across 52 locations in the UAE. The passion for luxury Swiss watches is deeply embedded in Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons family. The Board of Directors and Executive Committee is comprised of the second, third and fourth generation of the Seddiqi family.

  • Al Liali Jewellery

    Al Liali Jewellery

    Liali is a Dubai-based fine jewellery retailer since 1999, with over 20 outlets in prestigious malls of the UAE, Bahrain and Barcelona. They offer diamond, pearl and coloured stone jewellery in 18K gold for all occasions. Their premium diamond jewellery brands including Memories and Petite. Pearl brands include Sakura & Kimono. They also specialise in plain 18 & 21K gold jewellery, certified diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones and customised hand-crafted jewellery.

    Personalised jewellery based on customer orders, is designed and manufactured at our own facility. Liali takes great pride in bringing innovative concepts in jewellery and consistently endeavors to keep up with the latest trends. 

    When you gift a Liali, you gift a lot more. When you buy a gift, there’s nothing better than a piece of jewellery for your beloved or yourself. And when it comes to jewellery, there is no gift better than a Liali.

    Diamond jewellery from Liali is certified by the world renowned International Gemological Institute to give customers complete peace of mind for their diamond purchases and protects their investment in diamond jewellery.there’s 
    Other Liali advantages include jewellery that suits every budget; special gift wrapping; easy installment payment plans; unconditional exchange policy; life-time free cleaning & polishing of  your precious pieces. Liali's valued customer can also benefit from their reward programme which entitles them to special offers and privileges.

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  • Al Liali Jewellery

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  • ARTE Madrid

    ARTE Madrid

    Founded in 1898 by the Barranco family in Madrid, Spain, ARTE Madrid produces handcrafted, exquisite jewellery, using the finest quality cultured gemstones, inspired by a timeless passion for art. Each iconic piece of jewellery is meticulously designed by European designers and handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. With different themes and colour combinations to suit any attire or occasion, ARTE Madrid offers affordable, fashionable jewellery, exuding style, luxury and glamour. With over 50 stores across Europe, Greater China and parts of Asia.


  • Bhaskar Devji Jewellers

    Bhaskar Devji Jewellers

    Devji aurum is one of the foremost names for excellence in gold and designer diamond jewellery. The company has a proud tradition in offering the best to its discerning customers in quality and value. Devji aurum signifies an exclusive mix of passion, creativity and a constant quest to push beyond the limits of design and production. Our jewels are a mix of fantasy, intuition, creative exuberance and aesthetic sensitivity. Each piece is a result of a journey among cultures and multi-ethnic influences, between echoes from the past and projections into the future.

    Capture the magnificent splendor of hand crafted jewellery through exquisite works of art produced to set the trend of new era "The Aurum Era". Come be a part of these 50 years of glorious artistry. 

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  • Bhaskar Devji Jewellers

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  • Breitling


    Breitling watches are both classical and timeless. Breitling watches are unique in terms of design and technology. A genuine Breitling watch has always been a watch for professional men. And that, perhaps, explains why it holds such immense appeal for women.

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  • Breitling

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  • Damas Jewellery

    Damas Jewellery

    The innovative, high-end designer jewellery and watches showroom by Damas includes majestic bridal jewellery, exclusive branded jewellery like Boudoor, Jumeirah, Farasha, Fior, Diamond Leela, Fairouz, Harmony, Dibla, Al Manthoora and Aura.

  • Dhamani Jewels

    Dhamani Jewels

    Unparalleled in their beauty and revered as the rarest gem, diamonds have been adorned since the beginning of civilization, making them a priceless possession transcending the centuries. A quality of excellence, Dhamani understands the intrinsic value and cultural importance of jewellery in the world today.

    Since 1969, Dhamani is engaged in fine jewellery manufacturing facilities and a multitude of exclusive retail outlets operate in numerous countries around the world. Dhamani holds certification through the Dubai Municipality, for ‘Good Jewellery Practice ‘ under the certification scheme ‘Bareeq’.

    DMCC Government of Dubai has awarded Dhamani the exclusive right to market the limited edition, exquisite Dubai Cut diamond. A commodity that has fascinated mankind since ancient times and that has always held a special place in the fabric of Human culture, Dhamani continues to deliver the finest quality of jewels set in world class designs. Come and explore the elegance....

    First Floor, Shop # 540
    Email or visit

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  • Dhamani Jewels

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  • Dyrberg/Kern


    Our company represents in Middle East market well known Scandinavian brand of fashion accessories – Dyrberg/Kern. Dyrberg/Kern brand which celebrated its 25-th Anniversary by 2010 markets collection of handmade contemporary designer jewellery, time pieces and eyewear in more than 40 countries. Design of Dyrberg/Kern accessories is unique in its combination of the Scandinavian design traditions and international fashion moods. The design reflects personality, innovation and quality. The collections of Dyrberg/Kern jewellery are created in stainless steel or brass, are plated and designed with the use of crystals, hand painted enamel, cut glass paste, precious stones and leather. The Dyrberg/kern collections target the stylish, modern urban women and may always be classic or individually combined, often serve as an element to add personality to any outfit.

  • Ferini


    The Ferini boutique at City Centre Mirdif presents exquisite designer jewellery by Scintilla Monaco, Pimigi and Ferini.

  • GC Boutique

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  • La Marquise

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  • Navrang Jewellers

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  • Oriental Stores

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  • Pandora

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  • Pure Gold Jewellers

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  • Silveroura

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  • Tano's

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