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Jewellery Shops in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most sought-after locations in the world for purchasing jewellery.  The city's strategic geographical position, tax-free business system, and strict monitoring process have turned it into a major hub for buying high-quJeality jewellery at comparatively low rates.
Thanks to the high demand, Dubai has an abundance of shops where you can indulge your passion for jewellery of all kinds. Since it’s more convenient to shop at a mall, we’ve given you a list of some the best jewellery stores in City Centre Mirdif Mall Dubai.

This French fashion jewellery brand was founded by Michel Quiniou at the Rue de Rennes in Paris and has been around for three decades. Agatha’s jewellery bridges the gap between high fashion and mass-manufactured ornaments, and utilises different materials apart from metal including clothing threads, beads, shells, and glass.

Damas Jewellery Dubai has been a pioneer in jewellery retail since 1959 and is one of the leading retailers in the Middle East. Their high-end boutique in City Centre Mirdif includes majestic bridal jewellery and branded jewellery collections, like Boudoor, Farfasha, Fior, Diamond Leela, Fairouz, Harmony, Dibla, Al Manthourah, and Aura.

Dhamani Jewels
Dhamani is a high fashion store that specializes in precious stones, particularly diamonds – as both ornaments and loose stones. They have been awarded the exclusive right by the Government of Dubai to market the limited edition Dubai Cut diamond. 

Frey Wille
This Viennese brand is unique because their designs take inspiration from famous artists and historical motifs. Frey Wille crafts their collections from 24-carat gold fused with enamel, and each collection depicts a different historical era. Their jewellery tends to be flamboyant and colourful, so pick them if you’re planning to make a statement.

Malabar Gold
Malabar Gold Dubai sells a broad range of hallmarked jewellery in gold, platinum, diamonds and other precious stones, along with a collection of watches.  This renowned brand is quite popular with the city's shoppers because of their services – they offer lifelong free maintenance, one-year free insurance coverage, and buy-back guarantee for all ornaments.

La Marquise
The craftsmanship of their collections is exquisite, and their service is not bad either! If you love diamond jewellery, La Marquise Dubai has a magnificent array of diamond ornaments in different cuts, colours, and types of clarity. They are the flagship of Brilliant Diamonds LLC, a key player in wholesale diamonds.

Don’t take our word for these, because the beauty of a jewel is in the eye of its beholder. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or an inheritance that will be passed to the next generation, Dubai’s jewellery shops always have something to give.

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