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How To: Pack Like A Pro And Fly Like The JetSet

The insider’s guide to travelling in style and know how to save space in your suitcase.

Model Izabel Goulart arrives at Nice Côte d'Azur International Airport during the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival

Model Izabel Goulart arrives at Nice Côte d'Azur International Airport during the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival.

Preparing for a trip starts with the suitcase and more to the point what exactly to put in it.

If you’ve ever seen those well-dressed girls, the ones gliding effortlessly through the terminal with little more than a compact carry-on, and thought ‘how on earth do they manage to squeeze all their worldly goods in such a small case’? The answer is easier than you think, simply plan each and every outfit in advance. While this might seem like more work than it’s worth, you’ll reap the rewards and end up with a carefully curated holiday wardrobe, and no excess baggage!

Expert packing requires pre-planning and a thorough edit – after all, will you wear ten pairs of heels on a week-long holiday?

Scroll down below to discover our essential packing tips…

  • Look for lightweight luggage (always on wheels for ease) and invest in good quality cases by brands such as Samsonite or Tumi.

  • Pen a list of everything you want to take or lay everything out on your bed into piles, e.g. swimwear, sun dresses, sports gear, etc…before removing at least two items from each heap.

  • Think about your holiday itinerary, the activities you’ll be doing and the places you’ll be visiting. Embrace your inner stylist and piece outfits together, including undergarments, accessories, and shoes – heels are heavy so only take styles than can be worn with numerous outfits.

  • Pack versatile items (think little black dresses or tailored shorts) which can be worn for a multitude of occasions day or night - you can always jazz up plain pieces with statement jewellery.

  • Try rolling clothes as opposed to folding. This saves precious suitcase space and reduces creases.


The capsule closet 

To look the part on the plane (and perhaps bag yourself an upgrade), opt for foolproof airport chic such as skinny jeans (with stretch for comfort and in a dark wash to hide stains) paired with a bright printed blouse (because plane dressing doesn’t have to be boring) and always layer with a cosy cashmere or soft wool throw to ward off the fierce airplane air conditioning.

There is little need for towering heels, especially as feet can swell due to air pressure, instead go for embellished ballet flats or beaded sandals, and swap for in-flight socks once you board.

Look for a smart leather tote with enough space to fit your in-flight skincare essentials, reading materials and most importantly, a stash of snacks.

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