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Experience the Magic of 4D Cinema

The next in futuristic entertainment, 4D cinema is much more than just an improvement over 3D cinema technology. 4D cinema makes the cinematic experience even more realistic by simulating real world physical effects and conditions. Effectively, viewers are subject to natural phenomena like rain, lightning, motion, wind, fog and scents, as and when they are happening on the screen.

4D cinema equipment is custom-built into the theatre and is therefore available only at a few locations. We have explored the theatre with the best 4D-enabled movie experience.

VOX Cinemas
VOX Cinemas is one of the largest and most innovative movie theatre chains in the Middle East. At its location at City Centre Mirdif, VOX Cinemas operates a 10-screen complex that offers some of the best in cinematic entertainment.

The complex includes two VOX GOLD cinemas. Customers at VOX GOLD have access to an exclusive VOX GOLD lounge, high-quality screens with crystal clear image quality and reclining seats that offer them a uniquely luxurious, comfortable and enjoyable movie-watching experience.

And if you’re one to snack during movies, VOX GOLD gives you access to an extensive gourmet menu and an in-cinema waiter service that you can avail using call buttons on the seats. All this is in addition to the wide selection of yummy cinema snacks and beverages available at the common refreshment counter at the VOX complex.

The complex is also home to one of the most immersive 4D cinema experiences in the region. VOX Cinemas employs the exclusive 4DX technology from South Korea. Using spacious motion seats, scents, strobe lights and water effects, 4DX allows the viewer to go beyond just watching a movie, and actually live it.

So, if you’re in Dubai with your friends or family, and thinking of watching a movie, pick up a ticket for a 4D movie at VOX Cinemas, for acinematic experience unlike any other.

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