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6 Arabic Restaurants You Must Try

Some of the best Arabic restaurants in Dubai are found at City Centre Mirdif. From fine dining to fast food, you’ll find great eateries that provide quality Arabic and Middle Eastern fare - all in one place. Whether you need a quick bite, or are in the mood for a slow and indulgent meal, the following restaurants are great places to hang out.

Abd El Wahab Restaurant
Named after its original location in Beirut, Abd El Wahab treats diners to the luxury of Lebanese hospitality. It’s a nice spot to relax and enjoy a shisha with good food and drinks. The menu features traditional mezze and unique Arabic delicacies like shanklish (aged pungent goat cheese with parsley, pepper and tomato), chicory salad (dandelion leaves cooked in olive oil and topped with caramelized onions), and hommus with fried pine nuts.

Pronounced koshe-bashi, this award-winning grill serves the traditional recipes of Southern Anatolia. KÖŞEBAŞI has been recommended by the Conde Nast Traveler and TIME for their juicy and fragrant mezzes, kebabs, and pizzas done in true Turkish style. The meat is slowly cooked over an open grill fired with charcoal, lending it a characteristic smoky flavor.

Leila Dubai
If you're craving some Lebanese comfort food, Leila gives you what you need. From starters and soups to pizzas and platters, Leila serves unpretentious fare in a simple and elegant setting. It's a great place to take your friends and family for lunch.

Al Farooj
Quick and satisfying, Al Farooj is a convenient stop for those mid-shopping hunger pangs. Their Western and Arabian fast food feature grilled chicken prepared with their secret recipe. Al Farooj also has a range of shawarmas inspired by the flavors of different cuisines, including Indian, Mexican, Lebanese and Italian.

Leil Nhar
Leil Nhar means ‘night and day' - a meaning reflected in their quirky, cartoony logo. Despite the name, the fare isn’t wholly Arabian but a mix of Lebanese, Turkish, and Continental.  They also have a breakfast menu of hearty fried eggs with a choice of toppings to get you through those hectic mornings. Leil Nhar’s highlight is their affordable pricing, so come here if you want a good meal that goes easy on your pocket.

Throw your diet out the window and head over to Hatam, an eatery that specializes in the robust flavors of Iranian cuisine. The menu tempts diners with a selection of slow-cooked meats – like zereshk polo ba-morgh (baked chicken in tomato paste), chellow khorosht badengan (lamb, fresh tomato and eggplant cooked in a lemon paste), and joojeh kabab ba-ostokhan (chicken on the bone, marinated in saffron, lemon, and pure olive oil). Hatam is the perfect place for a hearty dinner with friends and family.
Arabic or European, simplicity or indulgence, a quiet solo lunch or a noisy night out – there is an eating place for everyone here at City Centre Mirdif.

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